Pit: Why are you all doom and gloom all the time, Pittoo?
Dark Pit: I think a better question is why are YOU so annoyingly cheerful?
Pit: I'm not annoying. I'm positive.
Palutena: ♪ You gotta stay upbeat, upbeat, upbeat...
Pit: ♪ Or you'll be dead meat, dead meat, dead meat...
Dark Pit: Like I said. Annoying.


  • Palutena: The founder and leader of the army.
  • Pit: Palutena's pupil, as well as the captain of her royal guard.
  • Centurions: Average troops that excel in archery.
  • Centurion Strongarms: Large Centurions that excel in brute strength, these troops do not wield weapons as they exclusively use their fists for battle.
  • Centurion Knights: Centurions that excel in defense, these armored troops carry a shield and a halberd.
  • Juggernauts: Large catapults with a human-like face, they were manufactured to defend the army.
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Kidicarusuprisingdemo Kidicarusuprisingdemo2
NYC Event DemoFinal
Blade: Balanced, with no specific weaknesses.

Claws: Limited reach, but allows for more speed.

Orbitars: Shoots two shots that grow in power.
Blade: A balanced, user-friendly weapon.

Claws: Move faster but with limited reach.

Orbitars: Fire two separate shots designed for ranged attacks.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Palutena: Get through this ravine and you should reach the Reaper fortress.
Palutena: But it's tight in there, so be careful. Plus, the Miracle of Flight is running out.
Palutena: This ravine should take you to the Reaper fortress. But it's tight, so be careful. If you get stuck, I won't have time to get you out.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: Man, things are really heating up! Time to bust out of here! Full speed ahead! Pit: Man, things are really heating up! Time to bust through here! Full speed ahead!
NYC Event DemoFinal
Palutena: Ah, Pit. Boys will be boys. But, actually, I had the same idea. Let me help! Palutena: Excellent idea, Pit. Naturally, I had the same thought. Let me help.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Palutena: Pit, there are many enemies ahead! Palutena: There are many enemies ahead!
NYC Event DemoFinal
Palutena: Looks like this might be a dead end, though. There must be a way out...
Palutena: There! I'm getting you out!
Palutena: This looks like a dead end. There must be a way out... Hmm...
Palutena: Down there! I'm getting you out!
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: The Underworld Army sure doesn't waste time!
Palutena: I don't think they developed their battle skills on their own. Without a doubt, they have Medusa's leadership to thank for it.
Pit: The Underworld forces really stepped up their game!
Palutena: I doubt those underlings managed it on their own. It's a sure sign that Medusa is back in power.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: Whoooaaa! It's CRAZY out here!
Palutena: There's no chance of getting in by air. You'll have to break right through the front.
Pit: Whoooaaa! It's hot hot HOT here!
Palutena: There's no chance of getting in from above. You'll have to break through the front.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Palutena: Pit! Are you all right?

Pit: Yep. Perfect!

Palutena: All right, head for the center of the fortress. Wipe out any enemies that get in your way.
Palutena: Pit! Are you all right?

Pit: Never...better...

Palutena: Then let's get moving. The force obscuring Pandora is deep within this fortress.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: Whoa-ho! Nice!

Palutena: That's a grind rail. It's pretty fun, isn't it?

Palutena: Ride it right into the courtyard.
Pit: Whoa-ho-ho! Nice!
Palutena: That's a grind rail. It beats walking, huh? You can ride it right into the courtyard.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: L-Look at that!
Palutena: It's gigantic!
Pit: No way!
Palutena: It's gigantic!
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: Seriously, it's massive!
Palutena: It looks like this area is split into two levels. You should change levels depending on how that Big Reaper attacks.
Pit: What IS that thing?
Palutena: That Great Reaper must be the one who's hidden Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. This area is split into two levels, so just switch levels depending on how it attacks.
NYC Event DemoFinal
Palutena: See what's coming out of Big Reaper's eyes? That's more than just its vision.

Pit: Lemme guess--they're destructive rays?!
Palutena: I suppose you could say that. Plus, when you get hit, it summons more Reapettes. That's the power of B.R.
Pit: B.R.?
Palutena: Yes. It's short for Big Reaper.

Pit: ...Yeah.
Palutena: Those aren't just flirty looks coming from the Great Reaper's eyes!

Pit: Lemme guess—they're death rays?!
Palutena: In a nutshell. Plus, if you get hit, it'll summon Reapettes. That Great Reaper has quite the evil eye.
Pit: How can you make puns at a time like this?!
Palutena: I guess I just don't SEE the problem with a little levity.

Pit: Ugh! You're killing me here!
NYC Event DemoFinal
Pit: Hey, Lady Palutena?

Palutena: What is it?
Pit: It was just us talking this time. Kinda nice!

Palutena: Pit, you poor guy. You need to get some friends.
Pit: You know what, Lady Palutena?

Palutena: What's that, Pit?
Pit: Even though I almost died, I've really enjoyed our time together.

Palutena: Aw, you poor guy. You really need to make some friends.